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Ebola virus disease


The WakaWaka Foundation is an internationally operating NGO combating energy poverty, mainly focused on providing safe, sustainable and self-sufficient energy and light solutions.
At the outbreak of Ebola virus in West Africa the Foundation has received an urgent request from CARD Europe in Liberia for 7000 solar lights. Those WakaWakas are needed by local Ebola health teams, treatment clinics and isolation centers that have no access to electricity. The solar lights will also be added to Ebola prevention kits.
Furthermore, WakaWaka has recently launched an awareness campaign to combat Ebola virus spread in West Africa by releasing an info-graphic on Ebola virus disease transmission, ecology, prevention and treatment. Through a collaboration with FILOVIR, the WakaWaka Ebola info-graphic was made here available below. Please, feel free to download and share it, thus contributing to create awareness and help stopping Ebola virus disease spread.